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Crown And Bridge


Anterior Esthetic Zirconia

Great Impressions would like to announce our new third generation zirconia line, Anterior Esthetic Zirconia

Anterior Esthetic Zirconia is nearly double the strength of E.max and 50% more translucent than Bruxir. 

For additional information, give us a call at (804) 282-6200. 

Zirconia Crown Coupon

IPS e.max


Considered a breakthrough in dental technology, the e.max crown is an all ceramic alternative with no metal alloy base. It's translucent color combined with strength and durability, provides longer lasting aesthetic features. E.max is made from a single block of lithium disilicate ceramic and is unlikely to chip or fracture.






Layered Zirconia

100% metal-free, a feature that prevents gingival darkening and removes the possibility of exposing metallic margins if gum recession begins. They are naturally esthetic, transmit the color of adjacent teeth and can be matched to any shade.


Porcelain-fused metal



In use since the late 1950's, porcelain-fused metal (PFM) crowns and bridges are a well-tested and proven technique. They combine the natural appearance of porcelain with the strength of Tilite Alloy or Noble Alloy metals.


Full Contour Zirconia


Bruxir Solid Zirconia Crowns are a new option for posterior restorations. With these virtually unbreakable all-ceramic crowns, you can provide your patients the strength to withstand severe parafunctional activity and avoid metal restorations. Bruxir is a full contoured zirconia crown or bridge with no porcelain overlay. It is glazed with a smooth surface but designed specifically for the posterior with more emphasis on brawn than beauty. Tougher than your average crown, Bruxir restorations are nearly an indestructible material.

GIDL Gold Crowns.jpg

Full Cast Crown/Bridge


Offering long lasting strength and durability, full metal cast crowns are nearly indestructible. Their longevity is well-documented and they are an ideal choice when occlusal space is limited. Full cast crowns can be manufactured from Base (Tilite), Yellow Base (Economy), or Noble Yellow (Premium) including 1 DWT alloy.


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