Terms of Business: Prosthetic Warranties and Guarantees


Patient dissatisfaction or non-fit of prosthesis upon delivery is replaced at no additional charge.

Great Impressions will honor the warranties shown below, provided that the restoration is seated

within 60 days of invoice date. 

Time Limitations For NO FEE Warranty Coverage 

  • Partial Dentures/ Occlusal Appliances 

  • Repairs/Relines 

  • Zirconia Crowns 

  • Temporary PMMA Crowns 

  • Porcelain To Metal Crowns 

  • Implant Abutment/ Components

6 months no charge and up to 1 year at half fee.

6 months no charge and up to 1 year at half fee.

7 years **

3 months no charge 

3 years no charge and up to 5 years at half fee **

Manufacturer Warranty

** Original Prosthetic Must Be Returned To Lab 

What Is Not Covered In Warranty 

  • Cost Incurred For Removal Or Reinsertion By The Dentist 

  • Cash Refunds 

  • Time Off From Work, Pain, Or Suffering By The Dentist Or Patient  

  • Refining And Re-Preparation Of Tooth Structure 

  • Replacing Porcelain Due To An Incorrect Tooth Color Match In Office  

Terms Of Service

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