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Crown Under Existing Partial Solution

Creating crowns under partials doesn't have to be a headache anymore. Here at Great Impressions Dental Laboratory, we noticed that the traditional method of creating crowns under partial removable restorations just wasn't going to cut it. We needed a better way for our clients to do it, and we need it to be more accurate.

We have come up with two step by step solutions that leverage digital impression technology, or traditional impression methods.

Conventional Method

Step 1 Take a pre-op impression of the tooth to be crowned, or send us a study model. Step 2 Prep the tooth and take your master impression. Step 3 Send both impressions, bite, and opposing to GIDL Dental Lab. Step 4 Your Great Impressions technician will scan the pre-op model and master working model.

Digital Method

Step 1 Before prepping the tooth, capture a Digital Impression of tooth to be crowned prior to prepping.

Step 2 Prep the tooth and take Digital Impression of prep quadrant, opposing, and bite. Step 3 Submit the digital file to GIDL. Step 4 Your Great Impressions technician will review the scan files and mark the margins.

Final Steps

Step 5 Using our robust CAD software, the pre-op scan file is merged with the prep scan file to provide accurate 3D modeling. Step 6 Your Great Impressions technician will then mill your crown based on the merged file parameters, copying the shape of the pre-op resulting in an accurate fitting crown under the existing partial.

GIDL Laboratory Restoration Procedures

The pre-op model is scanned at the lab or is scanned by an intra-oral scanner at the doctor's office, and is submitted to the laboratory.

The prep is scanned and imported into our design software.

The pre-op file and the prep files are merged together.

An overlay of the pre-op file sets the design parameters for our restoration.

The final restoration design is completed and ready for printing or milling.

A Great Impressions technician will finish the monolithic or layered restoration resulting in a precision fit!

Interested in this solution for your practice? We would love to hear from you. Head on over and contact us for more information regarding this innovative solution.

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