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New Dentures in 4 Days

The implementation of CAD (computer-aided design) in the removable prosthetic workflow is changing the dental industry. When we combine technology and industry-leading printable resins, our turnaround times, esthetics, and functionality are all improved. Using our Carbon 3D printer, we can replicate an existing denture (while also improving esthetics) in just 4 business days! Whether you scan the denture in the office or send the denture for us to scan, we have the tools and expertise to get you a new, better-fitting denture in under a week...


1. Check the fit of the current denture(s) to see if it needs improved retention.

  •   If you wish to increase the retention, please take a reline

          impression before scanning the denture.

  • If the current denture has adequate retention, proceed to step 2.

2. Scan the current denture(s)

  • Send either a scan of the patient’s current denture or send the denture to

us for us to scan. Also, send shade records.

- If you send a scan of the current denture, ensure that the intaglio

surface is captured along with the rest of the denture.

3. Indicate any adjustments you’d like to make on the rx.

  • Indicate any modifications you’d like to make on the rx.

(i.e. increasing VDO or restoring any worn, cracked, or misaligned teeth).

Great Impressions Dental Lab will take care of the rest! Take these three easy steps at the appointment and your patient will have a brand-new denture in just 4 business days.


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