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Premium Lucitone 3D Printed Dentures by GIDL

Conventionally made dentures have historically been a pain-point for many dental practices. Lengthy turnaround times and adjustments go hand-in-hand with dentures made the old-fashioned way, but digitally printed dentures will change all of that. Whether you take impressions conventionally or digitally, Great Impressions can make you a premium, 3d printed high-impact denture. Below is the process to make that happen.

3D Printed Digital Dentures From Digital Impressions

Step 1: Preliminary Impressions

Clinician: Scan the patient, ensuring that as much ridge as possible is captured.

Lab: Fabricates occlusal rim(s).  

Step 2: Occlusal Rim Records

Clinician: 1st- Place occlusal rim(s) in patient’s mouth and make necessary markings to establish

VDO, midline, centric relations,   & lip line at rest (horizontal markings).

2nd- Reline impress the intaglio surface of the occlusal rim to ensure adequate tissue retraction. 

Lab: Scans intaglio surface of the occlusal rim to make a new master model then fabricates a

monoblock try-in based on input from occlusal rim(s).  

Step 3: Monoblock Try-In

Clinician: Place try-in(s) in patient's mouth and ensure correct fit, teeth positioning, bite, etc... If adjustments

are needed, grind on monoblock or add composite for us to copy, or you can notate and take pictures.

Take a new bite if occlusal adjustments are needed. 


Lab: If try-in is approved, the final denture will be printed and finished. 

If adjustments are needed at try-in, additional appointments may be necessary

Step 4: Final Delivery

Clinician: Deliver Completed Denture!

Lab: Lab: All designs are saved on GIDL servers. Dentures can be replicated at the click of a button.

But wait there’s more! We also have the ability to copy a patient’s

current dentures. Call us to learn more!

If you are interested in learning more about printed dentures, please reach out to us and we'd be happy to help.


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