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What's the difference between 3y, 4y, and 5y Zirconia?

The terms 3Y,4Y, and 5Y zirconia are becoming more prevalent in today's dental world.

The Y in the descriptor refers to "Yitria" which is part of what zirconia consists of.

In laymen's terms, the more Yitria the zirconia contains, the more translucent the crown will be. Adversely, the more Yitria the crown contains, the less flexural strength the crown has. Below are Great Impressions Dental Lab's 3y, 4y, and 5y options:

3Y- FCZ High Strength

  • Optimal for Posterior Restorations

  • 1450 MPA Flexural Strength

  • Medium Translucency

4Y- FCZ High Trans

  • Optimal Zirconia for a Combination of Strength and Esthetics

  • 995 MPA Flexural Strength

  • 25% Higher Translucency than FCZ High Strength

5Y- Anterior Esthetic Zirconia

  • Single to 3-Unit Anterior Bridges

  • 765 MPA Flexural Strength

  • 25% Higher Translucency than FCZ High Trans

All three generations of zirconia are great options and are fabricated at our lab daily. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, please give us a call or email!


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